Rowan tree from seed

b_trowellb_trowell Posts: 6
Hi....I planted a few rowan seeds two years ago. I now have a young tree. It is coming on well but I don't know what to do with it next! 
I am an absolute novice at gardening. I can find advice on growing from seed and for an older tree....but little for inbetween. For example, I don't know how long to leave it in the pot? When I should plant it in the garden? Should I prune has shoots/branches all the way to the ground. 
All advice gratefully received 😊


  • JennyJJennyJ DoncasterPosts: 1,252
    Pruning depends on what shape of tree you want.  Tree folks would call what you have a "feathered maiden", I think. See for some advice on formative pruning for young trees.

    If you can keep it well-watered, I think you can keep it in a pot for a while as long as you move it on to a bigger pot each time the roots get to the edge of the current pot and before they grow round in circles round the edge.  Plant it in the ground when it's big enough not to be shaded out by its neighbours and when you know where you want to put it.
  • b_trowellb_trowell Posts: 6
    Thank you...that is really helpful 😊 
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    20 years ago I rescued a little rowan seedling from between the cracks in the paving slabs. It is now a multi-stemmed tree 20 foot high - and not only keeps the witches away (but living next door to a church I don't see many of those) but hides the telegraph pole . Job done!
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    I have a little rowan which arrived uninvited.  I hadn't been planning to plant a rowan, but if I had, I would have planted it exactly where it planted itself.  I'm keeping an eye on two holly seedlings which the birds didn't plant so thoughtfully, I think they'd be best dug out and potted before the roots spread too far. 
  • b_trowellb_trowell Posts: 6 there's an idea! I have a telegraph pole in my garden too 😊

    Joshua...that was quite fortuitous 😊 I tried holly from seed but I wasn't successful. I do however have a tiny little hawthorn tree!
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