Damaged Passion Flower

Hi all
I have planted a passion flower a month or so back and all seemed to be going well with decent growth until yesterday, somehow a block of wood has ended up snapping one of the branches ? just above ground level, it has not completely separated the plant so i have added a splint just in case it will knit back together.
The other branch ? is growing well although the growth on the damaged one has now begun wilting.
Is there any way of saving the damaged half of the plant or will i just have to rely on the one branch ?. 
Many thanks in advance


  • philippa smith2philippa smith2 Posts: 7,011
    If the damaged stem is wilting, it is likely to have been damaged beyond repair.
    If you have planted P. cerulea ( the most common one ) it tends to be quite rampant so I think it will survive.
    Make a clean cut to the damaged stem, make sure you keep it watered in this dry spell and you should see new shoots appearing before too long.
  • purplegerbilpurplegerbil Posts: 13
    Thank you Philippa
    It does look as though only the extremities have begun wilting, i think i will leave it for a day or two to see if it is going to regroup but if it does not i will take your advice and cut it back.
  • purplegerbilpurplegerbil Posts: 13
    Sorry i forgot to say it is caerulea (according to the label)
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