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Damaged Passion Flower

Hi all
I have planted a passion flower a month or so back and all seemed to be going well with decent growth until yesterday, somehow a block of wood has ended up snapping one of the branches ? just above ground level, it has not completely separated the plant so i have added a splint just in case it will knit back together.
The other branch ? is growing well although the growth on the damaged one has now begun wilting.
Is there any way of saving the damaged half of the plant or will i just have to rely on the one branch ?. 
Many thanks in advance


  • Thank you Philippa
    It does look as though only the extremities have begun wilting, i think i will leave it for a day or two to see if it is going to regroup but if it does not i will take your advice and cut it back.
  • Sorry i forgot to say it is caerulea (according to the label)
  • As a follow on to my previous post the damaged stem did not recover so I cut it back to below the damage. The other stem was going great, quite a few flowers and it was must starting to grow fruit up until a couple of weeks ago when the flowers started to shrivel and the leaves began dying, the whole plant looked to be dead after 3 or 4 days.
    In the bed next to the passion flower we have a honeysuckle that is a couple of years old and next to that a clematis.
    At around the same time the passion flower began to look sick we noticed the flowers on the clematis had begun to bleach and the leaves were becoming black and blotchy.
    The honeysuckle has some blackened stems but does not look to be adversely effected.
    I have cut the clematis right back and tried to cut all the blackened stems from the honeysuckle.
    The passion flower does look to be dead although the fruit is still on it and healthy looking.
    Any ideas what is happening ?
  • We do have a couple of fuscias in pots between the other plants, these do not show any signs of any infection.
  • Very dead passion flower. Can I plant one of the fruit?
  • Clematis is sprouting.
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