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Pittosporum - spots on leaves. Advice on Salvia, Bellis, Fr. Marigold and Cordyline.

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    I'm afraid the leaf spots on Pittosporums are quite common. You should try to tolerate it. Once your shrub has matured a bit more, you can prune them out. Always water from the base and never water from above. Grow your shrub in free draining soil. They don't like heavy damp soils. 

    Not sure about french marigolds & Cordyline, but do post some photos of the Salvia and Bellis so it's more helpful for others to know which types you mean.
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    I would not waste time and money on such products. They do not work and most of these issues will not go away until you get to know what certain plants like and dislike.

    Unfortunately, Pittosporums, especially the variegated ones are prone to these leaf spots and they get more affected in areas with high rain fall in humid conditions, and shrubs planted densely with minimal air circulation. Keep it in an open area away from too many other over-hanging shrubs crowding it. Lay a fresh layer of compost every year and promptly remove any dead leaves lying under the shrub, that should help your shrub more.
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