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Help needed to identify houseplant pest

Hi there

I would really appreciate any help identifying this pest please! I've looked at what it might be and considered mealybugs. Am I right? We treated the Calathea with Baby Bio houseplant bug killer but I can still see living bugs. The leaves are mottled which they weren't when we first bought the plant.



  • HelixHelix Posts: 631
    Hard to tell from photo, as could be white fly egg, spider mites or mealy bugs!   Hope you are wiping the leaves to get rid of them!
  • It is hard to tell - have you tried an insecticide that is watered into the soil, to ensure the plant's sap becomes toxic to anything feeding off it? Usually does the trick.
  • Thanks so much for the responses! Both are really helpful :) I didn't know to wipe the leaves, I'll do that today. I'll search online for pesticides which can be watered in. I noticed some very small web like structures so I suspect they might actually be spider mites. Cheers!
  • Could well be. Good luck!
  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 11,281
    If they are spider mites (and the webs are a tell-tale sign) you'll be wasting your money using standard pesticides.
    If you have a magnifying glass, look on the underside of the leaves and you'll likely see the 2-spot spider mite - too small to see without magnification.
    Spiders are not related to general plant bugs, so the usual pesticides wont work.
    The mites like it warm and dry, if you can increase the humidity that'll help get rid of them.
    I have read of some success using Neem oil as a treatment

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