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hakonechloa help

BlayneyBlayney Posts: 4
My 2 hakonechloa planted last year are doing very poorly.  Each have a sparse smattering of new shoots (less than 5% of the full plant), and signs of suspicious leaf nibbling which may or may not be related.
Planted under a Canadian Acer, shade/dappled shade, soil is maybe a bit heavier than I would like.

Any advise to revive these greatly appreciated. 


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 30,019
    In my experience they don't mind heavy as long as it's rich and not too boggy in winter and they do start late in cold springs.   Try adding some well-rotted garden compost to their soil to enrich and open it up a bit. 
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  • BlayneyBlayney Posts: 4
    Thanks,  trying this :-) 
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