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Nepeta Walkers Low

I dug out three of these from the front garden and have potted them up (only did this as the neighbourhood cats do like to roll around on it and completely squash it! (not seen them do it yet this year but thought I should move it.  It seems even more sprawly on the top even with the new compost etc and after a couple of good waterings I thought it may stand a little better/taller/straighter maybe.  I'm wondering if I should trim it back by half (Chelsea Chop style) will it still flower again this year?  already it is producing some flowers...Unsure with Chelsea Chop if it needs doing before the flowers start to appear?  Does this plant respond well to this type of treatment?  (Is this plant ok for pots or should it go back in the ground?) Many thanks


  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 4,452
    Floppy growth is probably due to over-rich compost or soil, they seem better behaved when a bit starved... giving them a chop now is not a bad idea to hopefully produce denser growth. There are a couple of compact varieties (Kit Kat, Little Titch, Junior Walker) which might be less prone to flopping... Walker's Low is not low growing, the name comes from the place it was bred.
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