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HT roses cheap - which might they be?

ElizaRoseElizaRose Posts: 121

Against my better judgement I orders this group of HR roses (from the Daily Mail shop - don't judge, lol. They come from a nursery called You Garden). They came all wrapped up in a bunch. I had them soaking for a week. Some look better than others. I don't think the red is going to make it, which is a shame as it looks so nice (from the pic!) and I would like a red HT. Any thoughts on which ones might be in this bundle?


  • B3B3 Posts: 25,161
    The white one looks like iceberg. 
    Wasn't there a piece of paper with the names printed on it?
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  • ElizaRoseElizaRose Posts: 121
    Not really. The shipping notice says 'Rose HT "Vibrant Red" bare root bush, and so on for the rest, exactly as they are named in the pic. They are just tagged with colour coded tags. 

    I suppose i could could ask the original nursery if they can tell me anything. 
  • ElizaRoseElizaRose Posts: 121
    I would be happy if it was any of those Eglantyne. Fingers crossed they live!
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