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Berberis / Barberry Plant - is this verticillium wilt or something else?

Hello, I have one berberis plant that is having some issues.  I planted it (along with 3 others) in the autumn.  The other 3 plants are doing fine and are bushy and very healthy.  Could this be verticillium wilt I've read about or something else?  Wondering what best course of action to take, if anyone has any recommendations .  Thank you 
This one 


  • HelixHelix Posts: 631
    In my experience verticillium wilt starts at the top of plants, and works downwards. And it often starts just on one side.  If you cut through a branch you’ll see brown staining.

    I think this is just a fungal rot, like phytothera.  Is the soil wet and claggy around this particular shrub?
  • neilberryneilberry Posts: 18
    Ok thank you - yes the soil is a bit wet there and maybe doesn't get as much sun.  Is it best to replace? 
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