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Peace Lily leaf problem

Any ideas? I've recently repotted to a slightly larger pot (probably should have picked a bigger one actually). Apparently, the reason why I'm getting lots of smaller leaves is because of this but the plant looks generally a bit wilted and I don't know what's causing this leaf issue at the tips either. It's watered every 4-5 days or so and soaked through before being left to drain properly and put back on the dish.


  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 9,403
    They're a bit prone to this I'm afraid. Too cold, too hot, air too dry, it all ends up with brown tips. It doesn't hurt the plant though and if the plant is healthy enough it will soon replace those leaves. What do you feed the plant with? Personally I let mine wilt visibly before watering rather than water on a set routine. It doesn't do them any harm and a bit of neglect can spur them into flowering sometimes.
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  • c.meredythc.meredyth Posts: 3
    I don't feed them with anything at the moment but I've bought some houseplant liquid fertiliser which I might use. 
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