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Lawn Problems

Evening all,

I currently live in a new build home and this is the current state of my lawn. I was wondering what you would recommend to get it lush, green and patch free?



  • That's another picture of the lawn.
  • That just needs more seed putting down.

    Mow the existing grass down low so the blades don't get in the way of the new seed, ideally treating any existing weeds with glyphosate gel a week beforehand.

    Rake over it lightly then walk over it with flat soled shoes to press the seed into contact with the soil.

    If you want quick to establish, but rather more coarse grass use perennial ryegrass seeds. However if you want a finer lawn use fescue or a fescue mix. The temps for sowing are about ideal now. Water lightly twice daily (think mist) twice daily if it hasn't rained during the day.

    Pay attention to areas that are more in shade- you will need a shade tolerant species there.

  • Would you not aerate the soil then as it looks compacted?
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