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Beech tree leaves turning brown

I have a 50 year old beech tree and this spring a large number of the leaves on one side of the tree are turning brown.
Any ideas please?


  • Same thing is happening to my 8 yr old muti-stemmed silver birch. Came into leaf a few weeks ago and leaves on one side are turning brown and crinkly. Doesn't look like any kind of insect problem.
     I'm wondering if it's something to do with dryness at the roots. Apart from the past week we've had very little rain in Essex all winter.

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    The same thing is happening to beech trees around here. The really big one in our garden (got to be 200 years old) isn't showing any sign of it, but a lot of the hedgerow trees have patches of brown leaves - especially the lower branches.

    I know beech is particularly susceptible to drought - I wonder if the relatively dry spring following last summer's dry weather is causing the problem
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  • Thanks, sorry about the slow response, I've only just seen the response. I hope you're right and hopefully nothing serious.
  • We've had very little rain here too
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