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Phlebodium yellow stem

Hi! I am having Phlebodium aureum (Blue star fern). The fern has many new stems and leaves, but some of new stems become yellow/brown and then they just fell off as this one in the picture, even when the leave looks healthy. Is it possible that i watered it too much? I watered it on every 2 days, when the surface became some kind of dry. I have read all the possible sites how to take care of Phlebodium, i am not having it on the sun, it is not too cold or too hot, but the moisture is not really high as i am having it in my room. Or does I water it too little? I don't know anymore.

If any one has the experienced something similar, please help. Thanks! Kind regards.

The stem of the leave that fell off: 

Stem of upper picture:


  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,054
    From the limited information I can gather from the photos , it looks like a case of severe etiolation ; the pallor and seemingly weakened growth is normally from too little light ; hence the discarding of the fronds .
    It is apparent you're growing the plant indoors ; try a brighter position , spray with soft-water regularly and maintain a constantly moist soil .
    Quite honestly I'm 'working blind' here , but there is normally nowhere indoors too bright for a plant such as this . There is a world of difference between a 'bright' windowsill and actually growing outdoors , where your plant would be happier during the Summer months (in dappled shade) .
    Not knowing where you reside does not help , but hopefully this will be of some use to you .

  • Thank you for response, you gave me a good consideration to make. It is possible that there is a problem with etiolation. I located the plant on a shelf, 50 cm away from the west side window, but in the morning, when I am away from home, the room really isn't bright as I do not put window shutter up very much. I will try with brighter spot on a table under the window, of course I will prevent Phlebodium away from the direct sun. I am already doing the spraying from the beginning.

    Today I actually went to the garden centre and told them about this problem. They said Phlebodiums can be very sensitive and they adviced me to water Phlebodium with rainwater and not with the water from the pipe. I will also try with this.

    I will report if this would be helpful  :) 

    Location where Phlebodium was located from the beginning:

    New location directly under the window:

  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,054
    edited May 2019
    Sounds like you're doing the right thing there ; I assumed the lack of light would be a factor here .
    Apart from that , it looks a nice fern indeed ! :)

    Yes , it would be good to know of its progress .
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