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A very poor lawn - Help!

Good morning,

I am looking for advice / options on the scraggy bit of rubbish that calls itself my lawn. Some pictures are included.

It's never been a pretty sight. When I moved here 11 years ago, most of the ground was under gravel (this had 2 skips full of old carpet between ground & gravel). At the time, I didn't have the drive, desire or funds to do anything than roughly level it off and throw B&Q grass seed at it. 
Since then, it's got much, much worse and it's never been really looked after - I've tried the companies that claim they can sort it out for a pile of cash and it never really worked. 

I've gone through a selection of lawn mowers (they break, I replace them). I have only just got the grass down to a manageable height with an electric strimmer and this year's lawn mower purchase - a second hand Flymo Uber-donkle gluide quest thingy. 
It's about 100 M square in total.
Garden faces east / west and is not heavy clay, but not great. Oh, and I have 2 Cocker Spaniels...

It's very uneven and full of what seem to be little 'islands' of tatty grass in a sea of bare compacted soil.
There are lots of what I'd call meadow grass clumps and big thick clumps of weeds (I have dug some of these out)
The grass is long and staggley - the result of not being cut properly?

What I'd like.
I'd like a reincarnation of the 12th Green at Augusta National please...

That won't happen, so I'd like a nice flat and healthy lawn that is easy to mow and will look nice and yes, that I may be able to practice my putting on!
So, do I kill it all off and start again? Level it off / top dress it & re-seed?
Move house?

Thanks in advance.
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