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Drooping Monstera Obliqua (Monkey Mask)

swisscheeseswisscheese Posts: 12
Hello lovely people!

I’ve had this Monstera Obliqua for nearly 2 years.
A while back, the new leaves were turning yellow, so I cut the vine back to where the plant looked healthy.
Then it wouldn’t grow new leaves, and started looking droopy, so I repotted it and hung it in the window.

It’s still unhappy - won’t grow new leaves and still drooping. You can see the ‘new leaf’ growth in the close up image, but this has been like that for over a month.

I keep it quite thirsty as I know they don’t like overwatering.

Any ideas??

Thanks so much.



  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,849
    That looks parched, not just thirsty, and these like a moist soil but not wet.   Instead of giving it an occasional dribble I suggest you take the pot out of its holder and give it a thorough soaking in your sink, or a bucket, and then let it drain completely before putting it back in its pot.   

    Before you do that tho, take the plant of its inner pot and see if roots are showing.  That would indicate it is pot bound and starving too.  If so, soak it and then give it a bigger pot with some decent, loam based compost such as John Innes to fill the extra space below and around its roots.  Water well.   

    Do the soaking thing once a week in warm weather and less frequently in cold, unless you keep it in a heated room.  You could also try spraying the foliage with water once a day and don't forget to feed it now and again.  Any potting compost only has nutrients for 90 or so days of growth.  After that your plant will get hungry.

    The RHS offers this advice on their care - 
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  • swisscheeseswisscheese Posts: 12
    Thanks so much Obelixx! Great tips - I will do this today.

    Would you say the ‘soaking’ method can be applied to many other houseplants?

  • arneilarneil Posts: 312
    I have been given one of these plants , but have been told not to put it in the direct sun , I have it on a table far side of the ( bright) room , it gets water once a week and misted whenever I remember . It is growing apace !
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