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Dwarf Wigela - for a limited space

Big Blue SkyBig Blue Sky Posts: 689
I was wondering if anybody knows a good wigela that wouldn’t be growing too big and more importantly not too wide.

As far as I know wigela flowers on old wood, so to have flowers (main reason for choosing this plant) I wouldn’t be able to control the size by pruning. Which makes it extremely important to pick a variety that naturally wouldn’t be growing big.

I tried to look it up online but it seems like different nurseries give different size description for the same plant, so I was hoping for some actual fellow gardeners experience.

The space I have is: up to 6’ tall, no more than 4’ wide. Preferably floriferous and scented. For sunny and quite sheltered position. 

I have lost one of my evergreen hedge plants recently and am considering to replace it by a wigela, as I love them and also it is much better for bees than an evergreen conifer. 

Any advice is appreciated 😊


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,243
    weigela alexandra is a cracking shrub that doesn't get very big but looks lovely.
    Not scented though.
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