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Cosmos - pot on or bin it?

matt_fendermatt_fender Posts: 169
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I sowed some cosmos too early this year and a while ago I posted about flower buds forming on very small plants. I removed the buds on some, and sowed a few new plants which are doing well so I am sorted for my borders now. I did however leave a few of the original cosmos outside of the mini-greenhouse and these are now pot bound and covered in buds. I was thinking of putting these in larger containers along with various multi-headed sunflowers I've got coming on, just for some container displays near the front door. My question is, now that these cosmos have so heavily gone to flower are they worth keeping? Will they put on more vegetative growth from this state? This cosmos is a dwarf sonata, supposedly to 60cm or so, currently about 30cm in a 4" pot:


  • madpenguinmadpenguin Posts: 2,498
    I'd go for keeping them!
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  • matt_fendermatt_fender Posts: 169
    Yeah - I might just do one large pot with the three cosmos I have in this state and put the sunflowers in other pots. That way if the cosmos don't do much it won't affect the other display.
  • matt_fendermatt_fender Posts: 169
    I suppose the nub of the question is, if I do pot it on, should I hack it back and try to stimulate some more vegetative growth or just let it go as is? Cosmos I've had before has been from plugs and they have always done an awful lot more vegetative growth than this before budding.
  • Hampshire_HogHampshire_Hog Posts: 1,089
    They like space for there roots pot them up and feed as suggested and I would remove all the buds back to a leaf node and they will bush up more, 

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