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Magnolia soulageana

SessiSessi Posts: 19
Hi everyone, 
I'm relatively new to this site after a few years away. Today I bought a reduced magnolia at the local garden centre. Some of the leaves have turned brown and crispy at the edges. I read that this is possibly due to wind. I wondered if anyone could kindly advise me on how to care for it to give it the best chance please. It will be in a pot for a little while as we are moving house shortly. Thanks in advance  :)


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,589
    Pot it on into the next size pot, using soil if you can. Keep it well watered, but let it drain, don't let it stand in water.   As soon as you can, get it in the ground, but keep giving it a bucket of water a week all through the first summer.
  • SessiSessi Posts: 19
    Thank you fidgetbones, that's really helpful. 
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