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Climbing rose?

debs64debs64 Posts: 5,118
Bit of a challenge but can anyone recommend a climbing rose that will fit in a half barrel? Preferably pink or white scented DA? To grow up an obelisk? Hoping Marlorena or one of you other rose experts can advise? Gertrude Jekyll would it work? 


  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 8,626
    @debs64 hi Debs.. Is your obelisk about 5 foot tall? if so, for a half barrel with obelisk you don't really want a 'climbing' rose as such, but a shrub rose that is easily trained to that height.. this will be much more suitable for your half barrel.. any rose listed as from 4 to 5 foot tall...  even if your obelisk is 6 foot I would still look at these..

    Gertrude Jekyll is not one I recommend on account of its excessive thorniness... which is ok at first but I found it tiresome to deal with.. up to you on that one.. of course the scent is to die for..

    I recommend a rose called 'Gentle Hermione'.. this is a delightful pale pink, with a strong scent.. healthy... the stems are very pliable and easy to train... there are thorns at the base, the first 2 feet or so, and a lot of them, but the higher you get the less thorns there are, the top parts of the canes have very few..
    My plant is about 4 foot in 2nd year right now, likely to be 5 foot by end June.... and is rain resistant..

    Others I would recommend based on those I know who grow them are..
    'Queen Anne' [virtually thornless]… the rose named for 'Alan Titchmarsh'...
    'The Alnwick Rose'.. very upright and slim growth, very suitable for obelisks..
     always in flower right into autumn.. lovely scent too..

    ..happy choosing !..
    East Anglia, England
  • debs64debs64 Posts: 5,118
    Thanks Marlorena. Gentle Hermione sounds perfect! I actually have a Gertrude Jekyll but as the barrel is by steps I think better to avoid her in there will pop her up a corner instead, I have 7 half barrels to fill already have Desdemona too. Just need hubby to drill holes and sort out soil then off to DA I go! So excited to have roses in the garden again, rather than just the allotment. Loving your rose thread by the way! 🌹 🥀 
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