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Leaf folding aphids on Honeysuckle

Hello,  Ive just noticed the leaves on my honeysuckle curled up and when I checked saw what I thought was greenfly at first but then realised that they were leaf folding aphids.

Have washed them off with warm soapy water but should I remove all affected tips - this will be the majority I think?


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687
    It all depends on how much damage it has done to the leaves. Without knowing the type of Honeysuckle and the extent of damage, it is hard to advise. Some Honeysuckles are tough enough to shrug them off. I prune out damaged leaves that I know will not totally recover. 
  • Jazz883Jazz883 Posts: 10
    Thank you.  It’s Lonicera periclymenum Belgica and it has curled many of the newer shoots.  I am prepared to trim out the damage and keep an eye on the rest but should i use a pesticide too - I’m very wary of using any chemicals but don’t want to lost it altogether or the neighbouring serotina which so far appears to be ok.
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687
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    Thank you for posting some photos. I recommend pruning out the leaves, especially the young twisted ones. Keep checking every few days for any new infestations and be prepared to spray them off set on a jet setting. The key is to get to them early.

    Many plants are affected by aphids at this time of year. Many will recover once the growth matures and settle. Pesticides are a waste of time and money for something like aphids. In most cases, look at the type of plant, time of year and whether you have been over-feeding the plants. Excessive growth over a short period often causes aphid attacks. A weak plant not grown in the optimum circumstances can also be susceptible to attacks. Sometimes, a mild spell at this time of year can also do that. 
  • Jazz883Jazz883 Posts: 10
    Thank you, that’s really helpful.  I have trimmed some out but will double check to ensure that I have got all of the damaged ones and keep under review as you suggest.  Thanks.
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