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Tree for privacy

DaddyADaddyA Posts: 33
Hopefully the photos will explain it better. 
I am in a new build, a row of under 10 houses. 

Our gardens are not huge but a nice size for a family however it is North-West facing to be specific. The light is at the back right of the garden every morning and along the right fence but during the summer it is like the front is Saudi Arabia and the back is cold and wintery. Apart from the very back right of the garden. The left is all shade and the patio area gets sun later on in the day. 
I would like to grow climbing plants or climbing roses along the trellis at the back. 
We get privacy in the summer from the left from the tree there which I love. However I am not sure but it may be a sycamore tree because I've picked hundreds of seedlings from the front side of the house. These things have planted themselves in between my shed and the fence too, and area which I can't reach. 

Okay let's get to the point. After the neighbour on the left there are no houses but there is a green area with trees and grass and then after that there are houses but going across rather than alongside our houses. It's a hidden area really. 

Behind our garden fence there is an access route to the garages which belong to the houses on the next road. They have access from their garden and this access route. It is pretty wide so half of the route width is not used by these cars because they don't need to. 
We tend to explore with the children and walk along that access route and come out the other end etc. Basically go round in circles.
Behind the fence is a whole load of weeds, wildflowers, a lot of nettles and.... The sycamore seedlings which are now stiff and two metres high, continuing to grow. 
I have been told to cut them down which I will do but I would like to plant a tree there (with permission) but I'm not sure what to plant? I'd like it to give privacy all year round but not grow so huge that it is out of control. I'd like to get privacy from the road behind and some have an attic installed too.

I don't mind a few different tree suggestions. 

I've read that trees may affect the grass but considering we are in a new build with poor soil, my neighbour who is surrounded by trees as they are the last house, their grass is quite healthy and not patch by the fence. 

I'd love to know what you suggest. 


  • DaddyADaddyA Posts: 33
    I have more photos but too large to upload.
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