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I help to make fence give more privacy

last year a builder put up a very sturdy 6’ high fence using 6” wide vertical planks. I wanted the wind to pass through it rather than blow against it (as with lap board fencing) so he left 1” gaps between which makes for a real lack of privacy. I’ve thought of putting up bamboo screening but it’s not that durable and I’ve painted the new fence a nice shade of sage. Or I could fill gaps with bamboo canes but this would impede airflow or, as I’m quite handy with wood maybe strips fixed slightly proud of crosspieces so wind could pass around as a sort of baffle. Other ideas welcomed please. I’m better with wood than computers so not sure if I will be able to attach pic


  • Why not use the verious forms of hedging?
    Ive a large garden and all of it was just fenced via wire and not very nice looking wire and so its now fenced using laurel bushes and photinia red robbin, and not only do these provide a private garden but also a good wind break,
    One good point for both these bushes is that they dont have wide spreading roots hence they dont damage building foundations,
    I keep my hedge 5ft high and it's clipped twice a year.

    The photinia red robin at this time of the year is a red  and looks really nice.
  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 10,101
    1" gaps between 6" planks can't be that easy to see through! 
    Maybe attach wires and grow some clematis or other climbers?
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