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Leucothoe scarlet

snowyysnowyy Posts: 58
i purchased some plants the other week and one of them was Leucothoe Scarlet, they have been in the garden for about a week and a half but today I’ve gone outside and the plant look like it was gone but I found part of the plant about 4mtrs away, it looks like the wind has snapped the plant and all that is left of the plant in the soil is about 10mm of stem sticking above the soil. Does anyone know if this plant will grow back? Looked on a few websites and they say this plant need little or no pruning but they don’t mention anything about cutting it back to ground level. Any advice would be appreciated 


  • yorkshireroseyorkshirerose Posts: 574
    If the roots are still looking viable (gently tip them out of the pot to see if there are growing points) there is a good chance the plant will throw up new shoots.
    Make sure it is in the right compost, Leucothoe require acid conditions, so Ericaceous compost is necessary. Also keep it in a shady position and be careful watering until growth restarts.
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for a successful rejuvenation. Leucothoe is a lovely plant, I've had one in a large container in a North facing yard for nearly 10 years and it's beautiful. I water it with rain water and re-pot it every 3 years.
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