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Yellowing/fading Lemon Cypress

I purchased a lemon cypress tree from B&Q a couple of weeks ago which I repotted in a larger terracotta pot with John Innes No.2, I lined the bottom of the pot with terracotta pot fragments for drainage and watered it with organic liquid seaweed fertiliser. It is sat on my balcony and gets sun exposure all day. I’ve watered it a few times since purchasing. It is starting to yellow/fade in areas. The topsoil looks dry but when I stick my finger into the soil, the soil is damp. Am I overwatering? What is going wrong here and can I rescue it? Thanks.


  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,143
    The answer may be in the question here !
    Probably a nursery raised young tree , nurtured under the shelter of a g/house or polytunnel .
    Sudden exposure to bright direct sunlight and drying winds won't help .
    If you've anywhere in semi-shade I would be inclined to move it until it has acclimatised to the great outdoors .
    I'm sure it will be OK .
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