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Sad Rhododendron

For a couple of years after buying it my rhododendron it flowered.  Last year it looked sad as the leaves did not look great and it did not flower even although it had been fed.  This year it has neither died nor grown.  I have dug it out and potted it in the hope that I can give it some tlc.  Can I cut it back and if so how far ??


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    If possible, post a photo of the Rhododendron. It's good to see how it is growing.

    Grown in pots, you need to be on top of watering, especially in the warmer months. The soil should be ericaceous and the pot should be kept somewhere that gets part shade. Depending on its size, Rhododendrons can be pruned back to revived.
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