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Early growing vigorous clematis or similar

To climb up trellis obscuring my oil tank and dustbins in patio area. Something to grow early in spring and possibly flowering to cover area of 2m high and 8m wide, soil is quite heavy clay though unfortunately. Dog friendly too! Thanks everyone


  • BiljeBilje Posts: 740
    I've two useful climbers in my garden. One is Clematis Montana variety Elizabeth I think. It covers my back fence and is currently covered in pink flowers. It's quite vigorous covers the area youre after, but every few years I hack it back after flowering when it's too big, yes as technical as it sounds.
    i have another climber I find useful for a different reason. It's a golden hop. Again quite vigorous but not to 8m I do get  hops on it some years. I like this one as it dies back in winter and that enables me to stain that fence when necessary. These both grow in my garden in Tyne and Wear and don't get any attention at all!
    i regret planting Ivy against fences and don't plant Mile a minute don't know it's Latin name you just end up with an unmanageable tangled mess.
  • Thanks, for your advice, I’ll be going to the garden centre this weekend so will look out for those
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