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Lavender revival

Hello folks.
Do you think my lavender plants can be revived? How bad is it?

i pruned back the lifeless blooms.  

I’m a new to gardening. Purchased these lavender plants a month ago as I’ve always loved their scent and color. I gave them a light watering every 3 days for a couple weeks. They became very sad looking right away. The blooms became limp and the pedals fell off. The color is mostly gray-green. 

I figured I was watering it too much and it may not be getting enough sun (my balcony faces south east). I live in Southern California but it’s been gray skies and in the high 50s to mid 70s since I bought the fellas. 



  • Oh dear. Lavender  prefers good drainage so I suspect  over watering . You could try cutting it back and see if it regenerates from the base but I suspect that it's  too late.
  • HelixHelix Posts: 631
    Agree! Sorry!

    Did you have good drainage holes in the pots?  Turn the plant out of the pot to have a look at the roots as that will give you a good idea. If it’s all mushy then too much water...
  • The container is tall with about 6 drainage holes around the bottom edge.  the soil/sand covers most of the roots. The couple roots I did feel were not soft but rigid. 

    Ill see about repotting them this weekend and at that time will check the roots. 
  • i have lavender that looks similar,it is planted outdoors,in a raised bed...but we have had soooo much rain! will it come back to life?

  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    If they are planted out and you have had so much rain, I think you need to check the soil is free draining enough. They shouldn't collapse like that due to the rain. Lavenders are generally hardy, but if you grow the French Lavenders, they are best in pots, They are not very tolerant of open beds/borders and can collapse in soggy situations. Make sure your plants get plenty of sunlight too.

    The above photos might be drought and lack of light. Not the same issues I think.
  • I may have damaged them with water in the first weeks. there was not enough sun to compensate. 

    I've cut back all the non-green portions in one plant. the other may be a goner. I don't have much room on my balcony so if I don't see life return in the next week I will have to send the lifeless one to the heap. I'm holding out with her sister.
  • Lavender needs lots of sun and good drainage soil. Without them, they cannot survive. Cut back after flowering in the summer.
  • LalicatLalicat Posts: 4
    I wonder if you have a sunny windowsill you could put them on to give them a sunshine boost. I too adore my lavenders 

  • LalicatLalicat Posts: 4
    Just noticed the date you posted you query. Did you manage to save them?
  • They’re both effectively dead. I chopped them both back. One has a little green left but I may just reset. 
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