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Cat deterent

Hi everyone, I know this has been discussed many times but I recently bought one of these after having multiple cats driving me crazy in my garden. From the minute i put it out I have not seen a single cat! Get one! :)


  • GraemeCGraemeC Posts: 55
    I should add £40.56 was for 3 of these
  • KT53KT53 GloucestershirePosts: 7,520
    I see a couple of people have flagged this post and I wonder why.  The guy has been a member for a while, if not particularly active, and all other posts seem genuine.  If this does keep cats away many of us will be delighted to know about it.  Maybe it's the cat lobby trying to get it removed?
  • sabeehasabeeha Posts: 341
    I've seen this while browsing for cat deterrent, and been tempted... the thing is, the neighbourhood cats (don't know which one, there are quite a few on our road) pee right in front of my house, and although it really bothers me (the smell :s ) I wonder what the neighbours would think if i put it up and they saw it! Would they be offended??
  • GraemeCGraemeC Posts: 55
    Hi, not sure why folk have flagged this??

    its in the correct section and cats are a big problem in my eyes - I hate them in fact BUT i would never suggest or condone anyone harming one!

    this is a perfectly humane way of quickly solving the problem - and also cheap.

    Another plus that I have noticed while using them is that the birds dont seem to mind it, they have all continued to come into my garden so thats a bonus.
  • GraemeCGraemeC Posts: 55
    @Sabeeha If one of your neighbours was offended at you trying to prevent their cat from using your garden as a toilet that would say a lot about that person
  • WaysideWayside Posts: 807
    edited April 2019
    How do they work, our garden is narrow, and the neighbours with cats are only a few doors down.  How localised is it, and will it deter the birds and/or other animals?

    I love cats, sharks and even some parasites.  But, mostly from a distance!
  • GraemeCGraemeC Posts: 55
    😂 wayside.... says they have a 10m area covered at maximum (you can adjust the sensitivity on them)

    that way you can limit how far it goes so you wont annoy ur neighbours with it - we can also hear the sound from it.

    it says it will deter cats dogs and rodents...

    the birds are still in my garden with them on so seems they dont mind it. especially as there is now no cats trying to catch them too!
  • ThelemanTheleman Posts: 54
    edited April 2019
    2 or 3x Water sprinkler in the lawn and around the path of the garden, and using it often keeps away all the cats. :)
    Cats don't like water jets.  Water also feeds the grass.

    Get an outside tap if not there yet, and connect some reel hose and 2 - 3 hose adapters and sprinkler.  It works well for us :)
  • FireFire North LondonPosts: 17,116
    Yes they work. Absolutely. I have two and have had almost nothing from cats for over six months.
  • GraemeCGraemeC Posts: 55
    That's great @fire

    Hi Theleman, also does work yes however i had a real serious problem - i was lifting up to 10 cat "droppings" every other morning. must be a lot of cats / and possibly strays in my neighbourhood...
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