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Dhalia help!

Hi hope someone can advise me! I’m a novice but keen gardener and LOVE dhalias. I went a bit mad in March and potted up lots of dahlia tubers indoors. I was initially very excited as they began to sprout and grow huge and green! Some are stubby and look nice and sturdy but many are just really tall and seem super weak and lanky? I staked them etc but they are still in pots waiting to go outside but I daren’t even move the pots let alone get them out of the pots they seem like slightest movement would snap the stems. I pricked out the tips when they were smaller etc.... what can I do? Can I cut them right back to a shorter size then plant them or will that kill them? They just seem long and lanky! Any advice how I can rescue them and still get them into the garden appreciated :-) I certainly can’t leave them in the pots.....thanks in advance 


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    I think you may have fallen into the trap of over-enthusiasm and started them a bit early. Don't be afraid to cut them back to about 6", it's still only April and there's plenty of time for them to bulk back up. You'll find you'll get bushier plants if you cut them back.
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    Oh brill thank you! I will prune them right back :-) so if I cut the stems to about 6” each they will sprout again? I have some tubers with teeny sprouts on that I left until recently to pot... could they go out into the beds now or do need to wait until end of May? Some of the info says to plant the tubers march to May? But I thought it had to be after last frost? Thanks again 
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