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Planting for privacy from neighbour

I have a fence that is approx 6ft high, the bottom half is a fence panel, the top half is trellis. It is west facing my side and at the side of my patio. I want to plant something that will grow up my fence and fill in the trellis half. Ideally evergreen and flowering or that will be covered in leaves in Spring to give privacy. I have a deciduous white jasmine next to the area. The area is about 6 ft wide and unfortunately clay, covered with about 3 inches of stone over the patio area! The main need is for privacy and not to get too woody so that it will damage the fence and trellis. Any ideas of what to plant please? I am a relatively new gardener so any suggestions would be very welcome, thanks.


  • Maybe just give the odd wave to the neighbours instead of more acres of damned Portuguese Laurel? (said with with a large dose of irony but also despair) 
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    Whom does that fence belong to? Is it yours, the neighbour's or shared?
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  • They are lovely neighbours but we both want some privacy, otherwise you feel like you have to keep acknowledging them when you sometimes just want to relax in privacy. We should own it but they replaced the bottom half their side as there is a large drop their side and we replaced the trellis part so jointly paid for i suppose
  • I am growing a honeysuckle, passion flower and a chilean potato climber up trellis to hide trampoline poles which are higher than the fence! Only been in one year, hopeful they will hide all the evidence by next year. 
  • The chilean potato climber may be a good idea, doesn't sound like it self twines which means I may have control over it and can tie it where needed, not sure about the clay soil though, may need a lot of improving. I love honeysuckles too but mine have got quite woody so a bit worried about the trellis with evergreen types. I have a lovely passionflower too but think they are all deciduous and mine has taken a long time to get going this spring so may not be ideal for privacy. Thanks for advice, definitely going to look at the chilean potato climber!
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