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Perennials for 40cm pots.

Hi I have got myself some 40cm pots and I'm needing your advice on what perennials to plant.

Pots will be  sitting in the sun most of the day.
Any ideas thank you.


  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 14,964
    You could grow pretty much anything in those pots.
    You really just need to look around a GC, and see what you like.
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  • ju1i3ju1i3 Posts: 189
    Nepeta. I love it, my cats love it. I have lots of pots of it. I also love delphinium and sea holly both beloved by slugs so putting those in pots might help. It's how I grow mine. (also lupins ditto re:slug)
  • RubytooRubytoo Posts: 1,593
    What material are the pots made of?
    Clay will drain and be drier than plastic or metal.
    So watering lots or less often, will also influence the type of plants.
    And if you can leave them out with no worries in the winter or have to take them in and give extra protection. Thick heavy pots give better protection.
    Tall or upside down bells need anchoring or weight in the bottom if you use tall plants, unless they are heavy pots.

    What colours too?
    Dark will hold more heat, which can be bad if you have plants that don't like cooked roots on a sunny patio for example.
    (Been there done that with some of mine).

    Just asking as with some of the points if you want them to be low maintenance as possible it will influence what kinds of plants to use.
  • mooota1514mooota1514 Posts: 74
    edited April 2019
    Hi the plant pots are round terracotta.

    And in the winter time pots will be left out. But up against House wall or if it is really bad I can put them in the garage.

    Any colour will do.

    Thanks for your ideas so far.

    I will probably buy from a garden centre order online Garden Centre but just looking for ideas at the moment.

    I'm not looking for any prizes with my pots just a basic display

  • UpNorthUpNorth Posts: 376
    just a thought, but the current edition of GW magazine has quite a few pages on pot-plant choices/ideas.    However, and more important, it's also worth buying because of a 2for1 offer for tickets to RHS gardens (giving you one year worth of entries), saving far more than cost of magazine if you visit even one garden....and the point is your visiting gardens will give you loads of ideas for pots as well as beds.

    Autumn 17 we saw RHS Harlow Carr had some amazing and large planters outside their entrance, so good i made a note of the content and copied 100% for a couple of my own planters.
  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,689
    edited April 2019
    Those are quite big pots! Thalictrum delavayi would look quite good, the foliage is nice, it gets to a reasonable height that would be in proportion to the pots, but with an airy habit; and it flowers beautifully over a long period. I had one in a similar sized pot last year (because I ran out of space in my border). It looked good. You could plant Alchemilla or geraniums at the base to spill over the pot.

    You could also try T. Elin, which is taller but still elegant. The flowers aren't as nice IMO though.
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  • Thanks for great ideas.
  • jucati1198jucati1198 Posts: 56
    @WillDB came across your post when looking for the right container size for my newly purchased Thalictrum Black Stockings. I've read online that they are not suitable for containers without any explanation. I will be purchasing a container but haven't decided yet whether to use plastic since it likes moist soil and I want to keep them in the sun. Can you give me some advice on how you cared for yours in the container? Did it come back this year? Thank you!
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