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Help! Are my roses dying?

MrsMadgeAllenMrsMadgeAllen Posts: 2
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My the stems of my Martha climbing rose appear to be turning a blackish colour and the leaves dying. It is getting new growth but it’s not looking well at all. I have three all in separate pots and all three are suffering. Can anyone help me? I’m new to gardening so would really appreciate any advice. I’ve tried to take some pictures to show the problem. 


  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 12,178
    @Marlorena may be able to advise. I'm wondering if it's anything to do with lack of drainage in the pots ?
  • AnniD said:
    @Marlorena may be able to advise. I'm wondering if it's anything to do with lack of drainage in the pots ?
    I did wonder that, I have taken one out and it is quite wet, it does only have one drainage hole at the bottom. 
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 12,178
    To be honest I am no rose expert,  that was just my instinct!  It could well be that the poor drainage has led the plant to rot. What are the roots like ? Do you know if the other 2 pots are the same ?
  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 8,437
    edited April 2019
    ..oh dear, I'm not sure I hold out much hope for those... how long have you had them in those pots?  are you aware that they are wanting to be very large shrubs and climbers? ..roses like these will not be happy in pots for too long.. I know 'Martha' and how it grows..

    ..however, another question, and the usual answer to this is likely to be not that you know of, but has weedkiller been sprayed anywhere nearby?  roses don't usually just die off like that...

    ..what you could do, and should do for now, is cut out all the dead wood.. that is all the jet black wood and the dark crispy brown wood back to green.. this will tidy up the plants and you can then see what you have left, and whether it's worth persevering with them or not..   they are likely pot bound too unless they're new this season??... there is no easy answer I'm afraid, other than transferring them to the ground which would give them a better chance...

    ..just for the future... if you want to grow roses in pots, they can be successful but one should steer clear of the largest growers, … and stick to roses about 3 foot or so... Martha wants to be 10 to 15 foot at least..    let us know how you get on.. 
    East Anglia, England
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