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What to do with grape vine

Stephanie newish gardenerStephanie newish gardener Aberdeenshire/Moray coastPosts: 356
OH bought this grape vine a few years ago and it lives in the greenhouse over winter then goes outside in the summer, but it never does very much (can't expect that much in North Scotland). This year I'm thinking of leaving it in the greenhouse as I won't be growing tomatoes and will have room for it, and it seems time for some proper attention

I intend to repot it in a week or so (just off on hols) and wonder if it would benefit from a prune. Does it need a particular type of compost btw? There are good strong shoots on the longest stem on the right but I'm not sure if that's the way to go. I know they like cool roots so I've put some shading that should stop the sun from hitting the pot too much.

I don't expect fruit at all and ideally can't really let it get huge so any advice would be welcome. I have no idea what sort of vine it is as OH doesn't remember and we didn't keep the label....


  • I'm afraid it won't do much in a pot that size but you say you are going to repot anyway.
    No good pruning the vine at this time of year - best done in winter months or it will bleed.
    There are some good guides to pruning a grape vine - RHS etc. but if you aren't worried about producing fruit I would guess you just want the foliage to look attractive ?  If so, just make a frame and do left and right from the main stem.  If it is an average size GH, you will probably get 3 "layers " ). 
  • Sorry - meant to add that it will probably take you a year or 2  :)
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