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Differences and identification: Pinus Mugo "Carstens" and "Wintergold"

GravelEaterGravelEater Posts: 111
How does someone go about telling these two apart when they are small and in 2-3 litre pots?

They both go a limey/pale/light green in spring-summer, and turn yellow-golden in Winter.
The "Carstens" is the slower growing of the two, with all indication suggesting half the size of the "Wintergold".

Don't even get me started on the utter mess that is the naming of these things!
There is no such plant name as Carsten's anything, the name of the fellow was Erwin Carstens. The name is German and has an -s at the end like the Dutch technology company Philips.
As for "Wintergold" that is a different plant, the name does not belong, hyphenated or otherwise, alongside the name "Carstens".
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