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Solomon’s Seal

i have some of this coming up in my garden.
it seesms to come up sparsely with a big gap between fronds.
my question is should I move it together into a clump at the end of the season or will they thicken relatively quickly naturally?
i didn’t plant this but I do like it.


  • AchtungAchtung Posts: 159
    When you say big gap, how big? 
  • 1 stem 30-40cm gap
  • AchtungAchtung Posts: 159
    I planted this last year when it had two fronds. This year it has five, each frond no more than 10cms apart. This is one plant. Are you saying that you have one plant with fronds 30-40 cms apart or several plants? 
  • Looking at yours and the spacing of yours I’d say I have two plants the larger gap being the space between the plants rather than fronds.
  • AchtungAchtung Posts: 159
    Well it's up to how you want them to look really. You could put them together in one clump, leave them as they are or divide them both and replant. 
  • Thanks
  • AchtungAchtung Posts: 159
    You're welcome.  :)
  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 11,200
    I gather they multiply quickly so you may find you can just leave them to do their own thing. I did see some huge clumps (as in 7ft wide) in an Open Garden one year and thought 'cripes' , I've got some of those! 
    North East Somerset - Clay soil over limestone
  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,080
    Removed an infestation of 'Lily of the Valley' from a garden today ; a relative of the above and like this can be invasive .
    The variegated forms are more subdued .

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