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Viburnum Tinus

I have an established plant of 20+ years which is showing signs of stress/disease. Some leaves are eaten, others discoloured and the mid section of the plant looks straggly - few leaves or flowers. Should I hard prune it or remove it altogether? Any advice would be much appreciated. 


  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    Might have been attacked with vibernum beetle. Tinus are very forgiving shrubs you can cut them as low as you want and they will resprout.
    If you want to keep the height you could clear the lower stems and cloud prune the top. They will soon bush out nicely.
  • AuntieAMAuntieAM Posts: 3
    Many thanks for the advice. We will give it a go.
  • AuntieAMAuntieAM Posts: 3
    Thanks Hazel 1 - much appreciated too.
  • Andy LeedsAndy Leeds Posts: 518
    I think it’s May when you’ll see the larvae (small brown/orange) munching on the leaves.  Also they leave an unpleasant odour.  

    I sprayed mine last year with some bug spray (don’t remember which) and it has flowered wonderfully this year.  

    Will be keeping an eye / nose out for them this year to see if it needs a respray.
  • Erm, just in case there's Phytophora affecting those lower leaves too Auntie I would suggest not putting any of the prunings, or dropped leaves, into compost or recycle but would burn prunings or put into landfil waste bin.( If you go at it with secateurs give them a good wash and oiling as a precaution too). Phytophora bully Viburnam after cyclids etc.  attack but Viburnam do not hold a grudge after hard pruning - they come back with more determination. Real troopers.

  • **Chrysomelids not cyclids!!! Auto correct put cyclists in too. Your Viburnam shouldn't be victim to fish attacks or maniacs on a bikes. (Unless there are small children in your garden - then anything could happen).

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