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Bed Prep for my Rose and Clematis

Hi All,

So I have taken the plunge and decided I can plant in the soil instead of container. 

I removed the paver blocks from the area and removed all the sand and stones. All I have left is to remove the weed fabric and till the soil beneath. 

I already have some good compost and manure. Shall I buy some top soil seeing as I do not have any top soil perse or will the compost and manure be sufficient with whatever soil I till over beneath. 

Here's a photo of the area so far .I have put up my vine eye and wire too. 

Thank you as always!


  • K67K67 Leicestershire Posts: 2,508
    It isn't wide enough for your plants. 12 to 18 ins away from a wall or fence is recommended. You need to take out some more pavers even if you just do the area you plan to plant. Dig the soil, add your compost and some John Innes 3 or top soil. Save the manure for a top dressing mulch. 
    If you were using containers you would need 18 x 18 x 18 ins minimum for each plant so you really need to prepare that sort of size on the ground even if you replace some pavers after planting 
  • Oh ok. Thank you so much for your response @K67
    I'll see what I can do about widening it up. 
  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 26,207
    I have just started planting up my own new rose and clematis beds which will form a U round a small new terrace.   My beds are are 2 metres wide so I can have climbers at the back and shrub roses at the front.   I am digging each planting hole down to a minimum 2 spades' depth deep and then breaking up the base even deeper with a fork to ensure the soil is loose for roots to grow and any excess water to drain away.

    They have already been dug over to remove weeds and rubble and have had about 5 tonnes of well-rotted horse manure added last autumn for the worms to start working it in.   They have now been weeded again and I am adding more manure as I plant and as a final mulch after watering in the new plants. 
    Both roses and clematis are hungry, thirsty plants and clematis need to be planted deep to encourage extra shoots to grow and protect from clematis wilt.  Roses need to be planted with the graft union below soil level.   Unless you can at least triple the depth of that bed I don't see how you're going to get in to dig holes deep enough and also make sure the roots can grow down as well as out to find the water and nutrients they need for future growth.
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  • Oh wow! Thank you so much for sharing that @Obelixx

    Lots to think about and lots to do. I will implement as much as I can to give my plants the best start .

    Thank you once again!
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