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Did re-potting my chilies kill them?

I had quite a few chili plants in a propagator on my windowsill, the roots starting coming out of the bottom and the leaves were touching the roof so thought it was time to plant them into individual pots. I done so, making sure not to damage the roots and put them into their own separate pots with compost and and plenty of water, and put them back on the windowsill. In the morning, the leaves of all the re-potted chilies were crispy and shriveled up, even though it was overnight and cold, this was on Monday and they still look the same today. How did this happen? The chilies themselves are still in their little bundle of compost from the propagator trays amongst the new compost so they were undisturbed, will they snap out of it and grow back?


  • treehugger80treehugger80 Posts: 1,915
    i would bet its shock from moving from a nice warm, humid propagator to a dry windowsill. they should be fine just give them time to recover
  • charltonater3kcharltonater3k EnglandPosts: 2
    Oh right cool, yeah i'll give them a few days. Sucks that the hot weather stopped just as I moved them.
  • mrtjformanmrtjforman Posts: 331
    could possibly be that you used compost for mature plants? It sounds a bit like nutrient burn. Did the leaves change colour at all? If they stayed green and shrivelled up then it was most likely a shock of different humidity levels which they should recover from.
    If they started turning brown and shrivelling up then it will be nutrient burn.

    If it was humidity shock to give them higher humidity you can get a 'plastic mini dome greenhouse' for 93p from homebase. This will provide the same high humidity they had in the propagator.
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