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Solar watering system

I've been looking at a watering system that runs on solar to water pots or greenhouse its called an Irrigatia. Looks quite good but wondered if anyone has one. Thanks


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    Don't have one but looked on Amazon. Mixed reviews but lots of answered questions. I always thought you should do your watering early morning and late evening so no sun then!
    On the sol c24 model it stated in hotter  weather  it watered every 3 hours which wouldn't be great for plants but I assume that you have control over the timing and frequency.
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    @cornishpixi , yes, I have two.  I got my first in early summer 2012 when I got a 12 dripper system.  I purchased a second last year but got a 24 dripper.  I think on both occasions, I purchased extra pipe, connectors, etc.  Both mine are supplied from 2 x 500 litre linked water tanks.  Last year, both systems kept all my patio planters, tomatoes and potatoes well watered in the heatwave.

    I dismantle everything at the end of each summer and put into storage although the 2012 box of tricks has not been taken down for a couple of years as it is quite high up on a wall. I have never had any serious problems getting it going again.  Newly recharged batteries and setting up a siphon to start the pump is all I have ever had to do.

    Some small negatives.  It can be a bit time-consuming to set up but that obviously depends on how complicated the watering requirements are.  The older pipework is not quite so pliable after 6 years or so which makes adaptions a bit tricky.  A mug of hot water generally suffices to soften the pipe.  The box of tricks does emit a buzzing noise during operation - I dare say it could be annoying to some people but it is intermittent.  I have attempted to sound-proof the 2012 box as it is situated quite close to my neighbour’s but nobody has ever complained.

    I have always been happy with mine, although some reviews on the internet are mixed I believe.  They have certainly saved me from lugging a lot of full watering cans about the garden over the years.  If you have any further specific queries, please ask and i’ll attempt to answer them if I can.
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    @K67 , just seen your post.  My understanding is that you should water early morning and evening because it is less wasteful on the water used due to reduced evaporation.  They are drip systems so plants don’t get flooded every three hours.  Interval timing is fixed at about three hours but the duration of operation (dripping time) can be controlled.  My older system works 24 hours (obviously more briefly overnight) but the newer one only works during daylight hours.
  • Lovely thanks for the replies think I will get one anything to make life a bit easier
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