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Climber suggestions?

Tanty2Tanty2 Posts: 221

I have a 3m tall freestanding trellis and I want to grow something pretty on it - it's in a west facing site so gets morning and evening sun.  I love the idea of Wisteria but it feels like a bit of a faff.  I'd love to find something interesting, am avoiding ivy, lonicera.  I need something that needs minimal pruning and - ideally - is a twining climber!  Any ideas?  Thank you :)


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391
    Clematis?  If you choose a group 1, all you need to do is remove dead flowers and bits going off in the wrong direction, although it will eventually have most flowers at the top.  If you choose a group 3, those are cut back to near the ground each Feb and last year's growth just pulled off of the trellis.  They will cover it and be covered in flowers from late summer until the frosts.  'Polish Spirit' is a really good 'doer' if you like blue/dark purple flowers, for example.
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  • My OH made this trellis for my birthday on April 3rd; I've planted Clematis Freda and Montana Rubens Pink Perfection, Rosa Reine des Violettes, Salvia Mainacht and Astrantia Claret, a few pansies for spring colour 
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    Try most Clematis in group 3 that come in various colours. Group 3 Clematis require pruning in early spring once new growth is evident. Remove all top foliage and cut above a new bud normally from 30cm from the ground. When planting, mix some fish, blood and bonemeal to the soil mix and apply compost or manure as they are greedy feeders. Then apply a mulch to the base of the plant and apply a foliar feed every 2 weeks up until the first flowers appear. They prefer a moist soil so water regularly 
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