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What to fill this gap with?

Anyone got any ideas what to put in this gap? I'm thinking something as tall as the 2 other trees, but prefrebaly something that grows fast to fill the gap asap?

Im also trying to get the fence covered in climbing plants with flowers and some ivy. By stealing cutting from family and friends. Eg third pic (no idea what it is) 


  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,421
    Plant looks like some kind of vinca, not 100% sure though.
  • Tanty2Tanty2 Posts: 219
    What about golden elder for the tall speedy thing?  Grows fast, looks pretty and there's a fastigiate version which is more upright, too.  Either that or Griselinia - evergreen, pretty, indestructible, grows about 3 feet a year, easy to prune to desired height/shape. And yeah, third pic looks like Vinca but seems tall for Vinca.  Good luck!
  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391
    Agree, Vinca major by the look of the flower.  Doesn't grow very tall though.  I think I'd put an amelanchier there, which is a medium paced grower.  The trouble with fast growing things is that they don't stop when they reach the size you want and pruning can become a chore as well as sometimes being tricky to keep the tree/shrub in a nice shape.
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  • Vince major and clematis Montana Rubens Pink Perfection after 3 years 

  • Pic too big
  • kwack_craigkwack_craig Posts: 18
    Thankyou for the replys, I've since been been given a bloodgood acer that I've put in the gap, and added a few more climbers, honeysuckle, petunia tidal wave and some passion flower. 

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