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Monkey puzzle trees


Does anyone know whether there is such a thing as a dwarf/miniature version of the monkey puzzle tree? We'd really like one for the garden but a regular one would in time have to come down (one day in the distant future) because our garden simply couldn't take the size it would become and I simply cannot bear the thought of that ever happening!



  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    Never come across one. They are slow starters and you cannot prune them as they die back from the pruning cut.
    You could try keeping in a container and root prune every other year depends on how keen you are. There was one up the road from us that was planted in the front garden  of a terraced house and was taller than the house and only a few feet from the windows. They do drop their lower braches though so at least you could get to the front door!

  • Thanks for your reply I'll explore the root pruning and pot idea further. 
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