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Dear All
This is my first post to the forum and hope someone can advise on the following:
I have an old style Bosch strimmer that takes the single cords that fit across the head. They look like a length of plastic rope with a connector in the middle. Although Bosch and other makers are still making and selling the cords, no one appears to be making a strimmer that will take them. Aside from buying a second hand machine, does anyone know of a manufacturer still making a machine that will take these single cords?
It seems all you can buy now are auto-feeders which are more trouble than they are worth or ones which take the plastic hook-on blades which fly off. On small jobs it's quicker to get on my hands and knees and use hand sheers.
Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  • Hi hwcoop
    Once again i say buy quality tools by a good company that over the years have proved they are the best ,
    Im talking about a company called       STILH                  .
    Now they have models that not only take the normal hard plastic cord type lines but you can now buy for the same models a much stronger cord thats made for the likes of cutting brambles etc also to fit the same 2 stroke engine they have a cutting star shaped disc that fits the same machine And this will clear brush etc with no problems,
    Ive had my machine for 14 years now and only two weeks ago i had my first problem and it was they pull cord system packed up and it needed a new one, two days after i'd taken it to a stilh dealership it was repaired and back doing its job And i really do use this machine very very regulary.

    I really would advise you to find your local dealership and pay them a visit, tell them what your work load will be and see for yourself the best strimmers on the market,
    But be warned your buying the best and its 100% quality machine And quality isnt the cheaper range.

    Now ref buying a used strimmer!!!!!
    Well like buying any used garden machines you just dont know how much work its done and how much wear and tear on the moving parts has taken  place ????
    You could be buying someone elses problem so take this into account.

    I hope this has helped and good luck with what ever you decide.

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