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Mystery Plant

doushkajsdoushkajs Posts: 54
Hi, can someone suggest what this plant is please. It is growing at my daughters new house and we don't want to remove it if it is worth keeping as a flourishing plant. Any help on care would also be useful, thanks.


  • RubytooRubytoo Posts: 1,323
    I think it is a rose those are old rose hips on it.
    And from the look of the leaves I also guess it is possibly a rambler, it looks relatively thornless too.

    For now unless it is in the way I would take off the hips but leave all the growth old and new .
    Then you have a better chance of seeing the flowers.
    Not knowing exactly what kind it is the reason I say leave it is with some kinds you would be cutting off this years flowers.
    So waiting would be best to help with Identifying it. :)

  • doushkajsdoushkajs Posts: 54
    Thanks Rubytoo, perhaps the label should have been left on eh!. Have a great day.
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