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Poorly Lemon Tree

S110S110 Posts: 11
After posting yesterday about pruning our healthy lemon tree, I’ve got a bit closer and realised it’s not so healthy! It’s got a sticky substance all over and are these bugs? Please help!


  • Jason-3Jason-3 Posts: 391
    It's scale insect. Remove with warm soapy water. Scale insect can spread so wash the plant 3 times a week and feed. I would also scrape away the top few cms of soil and put in fresh citrus soil
    N. B scale insect is sometimes the result of the plant been kept in dry conditions near a source of heat I. E radiator. Lemons need a fairly high amount of humidity to thrive. So either move away from the source of heat and mist the plant twice weekly or move it outside in summer months if you don't already
  • S110S110 Posts: 11
    Thank you @Jason-3. I’ve just spent about 1.5 hours cleaning it, and I’m sure there will still be larvae on it so now knowing what it is, I’ve ordered a spray. It was by the French doors so I’ve moved it outside like you’ve advised. I think we probably owe you the survival of the poor thing!
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