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Fig cuttings dying

Hi, I took some fig tree cuttings in autumn which were doing very nicely but now they’re dying and I’m not sure why.  Any help would be appreciated. I took five cuttings and I reckon I only have two left.  Thanks


  • mrtjformanmrtjforman Posts: 331
    there are 3 in one pot which is fine as such but I am thinking they might have never struck any roots. The one on the left is pretty much dried up and dead so if you pull it up, I am wondering if it will even have any roots.
    They will have survived the winter without roots but come spring time if they haven't got any roots and they start developing leaves then they will die.
    I have struggled taking cuttings many times, have succeeded occasionally but this year I am trying a new technique called air layering. It seems so easy and straightforward with hardly any chance of failure so you might want to look into that. Possible to do air layering any time of the year which is added bonus.

  • JAC51JAC51 Posts: 174
    Thanks for the reply. You’re right I pulled up the couple with curling leaves and no roots. Will defo look into air layering
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