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Euonymus japonicus 'Kathy' better as stand alone or climber?

sabeehasabeeha Posts: 341

I just picked this up at homebase the other day, thinking of using it as a clipped, stand alone shrub amongst other plants.  But then I realised I have something similar in another part of the garden, but it has climbed up a wall? 

Is this plant more suited as a stand alone shrub or trained up a wall? Is there a better shrub for stand alone purposes? (formal, medium sized, clipped to shape)

Wanted something with more 'colour' than a buxus etc.

Thank you!


  • sabeehasabeeha Posts: 341
    Sorry, one more question - If I put it in a large pot, can I use normal compost or do I have to get the john innes one? Thank you
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,688
    The shrub should do fine as a stand-alone shrub. I don't think Japonicus climbs. Euonymus Fortunei, a smaller leaf shrub can climb walls, maybe that is what you have somewhere else growing in your garden.

    If you grow in a pot, it should be a loam-based compost. John Innes No 3 is probably best. 
  • sabeehasabeeha Posts: 341
    Thank you :)
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