Help - triangular back garden

Hi, I’m looking for some ideas on what to do with the garden in my new house so thank you in advance for any ideas/help!
The shape of the garden is not ideal but I think I could make it really lovely. I have the same shape to the left of the house which I am planning on building a nice shed so the garden to the rear as in the photo is just for enjoyment. I work long hours so would like to keep maintenance to a minimum. So far I have an idea of building a large seat in the far corner with comfy cushions so I can sit and read etc in the sun. Also would like a fire pit and bbq. I will also look at getting a 6 seater table and chairs.
Sorry for the rambling and I hope that makes sense but if you have any ideas it would be greatly appreciated.


  • HazybHazyb Posts: 276
    If you could extend your patio on the right you cold do a rectangular version of something like this perhaps .

  • Hazel-1Hazel-1 Posts: 2,216
    James , my OH and I moved into our house just before Christmas last year and our back garden is exactly the same shape as yours. We are seasoned gardeners but this first year is “ getting to know the garden “ before we start doing anything major. We are finding out where the sun shines and when, at all times during the day, and choosing plants accordingly. It is already lawned but had no borders, all hard landscaped. We’ve lifted all the gravel out of the borders and dug out new borders where we wanted them. The picture by Hazyb shows a lovely example of a low maintenance area whilst creating a private and nice looking space. Some people like straight lines in their gardens re paths and borders, others prefer meandering lines, diagonal shapes, etc, so go with whatever you like the best. I would think about adding some height in the garden at certain points whether it be at the end of the triangular point and /or down the sides. You would need to decide whether  you like lawn or not, hard landscaping etc so perhaps take the time to think your ideas through whilst figuring out the lay of your garden with regards sun and shade for a while. 
    Good luck!

    North East
  • RubytooRubytoo On the sofa, Southerly aspect.Posts: 1,185
    People could guess roughly the size if your slabs are 30cm /1ft square?
    But if you could give some measurements as it is a little difficult to understand even with photos. :)
  • James 11James 11 Posts: 35
    There's also the fence panels to help gauge the size of the garden, but measurements or a plan drawing would be ideal.. For me, knowing where the sun hits through the day and shade is the most important.

    My guess is the garden is about 9m wide and 9m to the far corner from the house, and then maybe 2m to the near corner from the house, and you've got like a 2m strip of paving slabs outside your house? 
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