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Suggestion on focal point plant



  • QasQas Woking,SurreyPosts: 29
    @edhelka, any suggestions on what flowering evergreens?  My second project is to break up that long border on the right and put some permanent plants there which currently only has annuals - its about 6 meters long..takes 200 bellis belle and 50 wallflower wizard..all came as plug plants and i planted them straight into the ground in end of looks nice with them all having come out but unfortunately the wall flowers didnt do so well for me this year...but it was back breaking work...i had a master plan behind this madness you see which was planting the wall wizards towards the back row as they grow taller then the bellis belle ones on the front.  For my next master plan starting this summer and autumn i want to focus on perennials and evergreens and just have some annuals to break it up but all needs to have flower umph!!  I just love lots and lots of flowers..the more the better...minus the work ;)
  • edhelkaedhelka GwyneddPosts: 1,480
    Maybe Fatsia Japonica, Choisya Ternata or Viburnum Tinus but I don't have experience with clay soil. Or you can google evergreen shrubs for shade/partial shade, check if they are good for your soil and choose whatever you like. Also, some other things to consider - if you want something quick growing to fill that spot quickly or if you are willing to wait etc.
  • FireFire LondonPosts: 7,384
    I was going to suggest a choisya too. Acers come in all sizes - from 80 ft to one ft.

    A crab apple might be nice for blossom and autumn leaf colour. A weeping cherry. Small weeping silver birch?
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