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jackpjackp Posts: 43
we planted this climbing plant many years ago and no one is 100% sure what it is and we now considering replacing with another star jasmine.
it sends out new growth very fast but never seems to flower anymore and just looks somewhat untidy .when we didn't cut it at all a few years ago it got so big and heavy the whole lot fell off the wall so it was cut right down that year .
any thoughts or suggestions most appreciated .Jack


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    edited April 2019
    It looks like Holboellia Latifolia. It's probably started to flower less and less as it got dense and too shady. Although they grow well in shade, they don't flower much in shade. Rip it out if it's not doing much. I think a Star Jasmine will look lovely there. But, if it is too shady, they too will not flower too much. But, they are much more manageable.
  • jackpjackp Posts: 43
    I've looked up Holboellia Latifoli and yes it's the same plant  .i read that they grow 4-8m height which could explain why it's a fast grower and also maybe it only flowers on new growth its possibly not best suited to a 2m heigh allways has all this new growth forming on the top which doesn't do much apart from looking untidy and seems to attract hundreds of small black bugs .it was planted at least 15 years ago maybe it is time to get rid of it 
  • jackpjackp Posts: 43
    Been out and got 2 large star jasmine plants yesterday and a new posh trellis after deciding good idea to start again ....anyway I have been doing some work in the parents garden and as it happens they are not overly impressed with the proposed new idea and it was even a Easter gift I guess I won't be offering to help again if my efforts are unappreciated 

  • alasdairialasdairi Posts: 1
    Would Star Jasmine climb well to cover a drainpipe on a south facing wall please? I have heard they smell lovely. It can be in a decent size container.
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