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New Greenhouse - few ponderings



  • Many thanks Pete, have just been out remeasuring and seeing if I can squeeze a 6 x 10' GH in and still have room for the waterbutts, future cold frame and some nice landscaping etc (I might post up separately in Garden Design on that front as it's a bit of an odd corner and the opinion of others would be appreciated).

    Final question for whenever you have time, do you have your cold frame on your North side? (I've only jumped to that conclusion by assuming that your tomatoes and growing bed are on your South side). Do you find it fares perfectly well on the North side, as that would be the best side for me to site mine if it would work?

    thanks again
  • Pete.8Pete.8 Billericay, EssexPosts: 6,027
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    Hi DB
    My garden faces almost due south. The greenhouse is at the end of the garden and runs east-west.
    I grow the toms on the north side of the greenhouse in the border so that they grow toward the south side of the greenhouse rather than squishing themselves up against the glass on the south side. It also causes most of the flowers and fruit to grow toward the middle of the greenhouse so easier to pick. 
    It also means the peppers and chili I grow on the staging on the south side aren't shaded by the tomatoes and get full sun.
    No reason not to grow them on the south side, but I was concerned the plants may get scorched and the leaves would press up against the glass as they'll tend to grow toward the south, and my peppers and chili would get less sunlight.
    I have blinds on the south side of the g/house which just shades in the inside just right. 

    The cold frames are on the south side too and get more than enough sun.
    With mostly seedlings in the cold frame eager to grow away in the spring warmth and sunshine you don't want to deprive them of sunlight, but mine probably get a bit too much - just means a lot of watering when the frames are full.
    If I've just transplanted something and want to give it a rest out of the sun, I leave it by the water butts in the shade for a few days or somewhere else that's a bit shaded.

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  • comp13comp13 NorthamptonPosts: 56
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  • Many thanks @Pete.8 for the further really helpful feedback. For some reason I didn't get notified of your post so apologies for the slow reply. 
    T 'obvious' position for my GH has one of the longer sides South-facing, which I'd assumed would be beneficial but, of course, it could get really hot so I'm going to need to consider shading PDQ? That would also have to be the side for the cold frame (I could fit it on the other side but obviously North facing would not be ideal).
    With some juggling, I might be able to orient the GH so that a long side was East facing. Having read all your very well considered reasoning, this may be more ideal ...
    There's certainly a lot of think about with a GH and that's before you've even got anything inside it!
    All the best :)
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